• She/her • 26 • Bi • Taurus •
BLM and social justice ally, I do not tolerate bullying, hate, bigotry, or excuses. If you’re old enough to be online you’re old enough to learn and grow.
I won’t follow back under 18, I don’t feel comfortable being moots with people that much younger than me. (Current moots are fine)Also, I write 5sos fanfics and new adult romance on Wattpad. (Sprinting_Ginger)

•5sos (main)
•Ai music
•Luke Hemmings
•All Time Low
•Jagwar Twin
•Niall Horan
•Louis Tomlinson
•1D (I support and love Harry and Zayn, but don’t consider myself a full stan of either)
• and more
•Harry Potter
•Gilmore Girls
• and a lot more


• Sav • GiGi • Si • Liz • Pam • Jae • Christina •Jane • Lia • Alyssa • Eszti • Dany • Até • Ali •I love all my moots, feel free to interact with me on Twitter or Wattpad if you want to become closer 🖤